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--  Life insurance for EVERYONE

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-- Long term care insurance

-- Safe guaranteed insured retirement plans (IRAs included).

We're your agency in GA & FL for the highest quality insurance & financial help!  Also, an attorney is on staff for any of your legal needs like wills, probate, estate issues, car wrecks and more !!!

WE are THE one and ONLY TBO insurance, headquartered in Macon GA !!

As an independent insurance and financial advisory agency in Macon since 1990,  we shop the whole country for the best insurance & financial products at the best rates, that meet your personal and business needs.. Call us today for more info on life, paycheck insurance, and our great retirement plans -- at 800-832-7317. Or text us at 478-361-1460.  We'll send an agent to see you. Of course, you can email too-- click on one of the 3 GREEN buttons on this page. :-)

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TBO Insurance & Financial Advisors    since 1990

Guaranteed  Higher-interest growth & payout rates  for your  

Retirement plan

than bank, credit union, money market -- as high as 10%*--  Our Safe, Guaranteed & insured plans (IRA's too!). All accounts insured as high as $1,500,000 each*.  Call or click now! 


*Or higher. Contact us now for more info!

8% guaranteed income for life.*  Income that could go up every year. * Income that doubles when you need long term care.*

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